Anal intercourse can indicate many different things; it really isn’t only a penis placed to the rectum.

Anal intercourse: A reaction to Pupils’ Concerns

Early in the semester, we went to Dan Savage’s system at UNC and I also had been struck by what amount of concerns there were about anal sex. After which I was thinking straight right back: whenever the intimate health professionals (previously CHECS) do program, we also have plenty of questions regarding anal intercourse. Then I looked over the healthier Heels web log and saw that we’ve never ever done a post on rectal intercourse. Well, there’s no time just like the present so let’s speak about rectal intercourse.

Rectal intercourse can indicate many different things; it’sn’t only a penis placed to the rectum. Anal intercourse may be massage that is anal sticking your tongue up and around your partner’s rectum (also referred to as rimming), plus one moving in the anal orifice, including a hand, butt plug, penis or vibrator.

A lot of people find anal intercourse enjoyable: straight, homosexual, bisexual, queer, etc. And, this makes feeling since the rectum possesses complete large amount of neurological receptors. It, you should ask them if you are wondering whether your partner enjoys. It is also essential to allow your lover know that you enjoy anal play and also the ways you love it. (more…)

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