How Exactly To Text A Woman You Would Like That Guarantees An Answer From Her

Among the advantages of being an excellent texter 😉

Good old PUA text game.

I was previously therefore lame at texting girls.

After all REALLY bad, to the level where I would personally get a lot of figures and just a handful of girls would back text me… then wind up fizzling away because I sucked at keeping the attraction alive.

It had been usually the one element of my game that We failed at consistently, irrespective of checking out “proven” PUA text openers and rapport tricks that finished up doing absolutely nothing.

After testing, refining and testing a few more we started initially to gradually get outcomes… until i acquired acquainted with a type of routine almost that helped me personally connect the lady, relate with her and then get her up to mine for sex or even to hook up together with her on another date. (more…)

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