Pipeline Syntax. Differences when considering top and phase level Agents


Containing a series of 1 or higher phase directives, the phases part is when the majority of the “work” described with a Pipeline will be found. At least, it is suggested that phases have one or more stage directive for every discrete an element of the constant distribution procedure, such as for example develop, Test, and Deploy.

Only one time, within the pipeline block.


The actions section defines a few a number of actions become performed in a provided stage directive.

Inside each phase block.



The environment directive specifies a sequence of key-value pairs which is thought as environment variables for many actions, or steps that are stage-specific according to where in fact the environment directive is situated inside the Pipeline.

This directive supports a helper that is special credentials() that could be used to get into pre-defined qualifications by their identifier when you look at the Jenkins environment.

Within the pipeline block, or within phase directives.

Supported Qualifications Type

the environmental surroundings adjustable specified will undoubtedly be set to your Text that is secret content

the environmental surroundings adjustable specified is likely to be set towards the located area of the File file that is temporarily developed


the surroundings adjustable specified is likely to be set to username:password as well as 2 extra environment factors will undoubtedly be immediately defined: MYVARNAME_USR and MYVARNAME_PSW correspondingly.

SSH with Private Key

the surroundings adjustable specified will soon be set to your located area of the SSH key file that is temporarily produced as well as 2 extra environment factors might be automatically defined: MYVARNAME_USR and MYVARNAME_PSW (holding the passphrase). (more…)

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