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On June 18, , Grindr announced so it had officially struck 4 million users in nations around the world. On July 22, , after Grindr experienced a technical outage, British tabloid The People now The Mirror stated that Grindr’s crash ended up being as a result of the level of use upon the arrival of Olympic athletes in London when it comes to Summer Olympics shopping for hookups. Grindr quashed the rumors the day that is next blamed the outage on technical dilemmas perhaps perhaps not pertaining to server demand.

In August , Grindr circulated an updated type of the application needing users to confirm their reports by giving an email address that is valid. Grindr claims it was done to lessen spam and improve portability. Experts argued it stripped the application of the privacy.

On September 30, , Grindr introduced Grindr Tribes, allowing users to determine on their own with a niche team and filter their queries to higher find their kind. Along with Tribes, Grindr users could filter by Looking now For.

At the time of Grindr’s 5th anniversary on March 25, , the software had been averaging significantly more than 5 million active users that are monthly. In March , Grindr introduced a brand new feature that, if opted into, delivers an individual a reminder every three to 6 months to have an HIV test. (more…)

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