Without a doubt about Bumblebee film review: the very best Transformers movie in over 10 years

BumblebeeDirector – Travis KnightCast – Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, Jorge Lendeborg Jr, John Ortiz, Pamela AdlonRating – 3.5/5

To phone Bumblebee the most useful film when you look at the Transformers show would not be a stretch. However it is damning with faint praise – like stating that Baby is the better Justin Bieber track, or that frying could be the simplest way to cook a horse’s intestines.

For more than a ten years, the steel monsters have actually clashed and clanged regarding the silver screen for the satisfaction, to decidedly diminishing returns and set to an extremely ‘leery, laddish’ tone, as critic Mark Kermode defines it. (more…)

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