‘sex pillows allow for explorative positions without the muscle and discomfort cramping.

The curved bottom creates a rocking motion during intercourse, including energy and permitting dudes to provide stronger thrusts—at minimum, in accordance with the brand name.

If nothing else, rocking mid-coitus appears fun. Perfect for Floor Intercourse Inflatable Multifunctional Sofa Gym Company amazon.com $139.99 SHOP NOW Okay, so this is certainly similar to a chaise lounge than a real intercourse pillow, but irrespective, the expansive ‘furniture’ was created to help a myriad of lay-down jobs. Imagine reverse cowgirl, knees-to-chest, [insert favorite variation right here]—all together with a soft, velvety cushion.Plus, inflating the tiny settee takes just three full minutes via an electrical pump, to get straight to it. (more…)

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