‘No Strings Attached’ Then they take up a solely physical relationship by shared assent.

by Tim RossBoy fulfills woman, then satisfies her once again. And once again. Chances are they take up a relationship that is purely physical shared assent. That’s the premise of “No Strings Attached,” starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. It is not your typical formula for an intimate comedy, but everything that takes place it works.This is one of the more intelligent and witty romantic comedies to come along in some time, thanks mostly to Portman but with a credible performance by Kutcher after they start their booty call experiment is pure formula – and. “No strings” that is attached exactly the same parade of support characters you’ll find in every such films: the quirky roommates, meddling moms and dads, other possible suitors and plenty of clichГ©s. There was a good scene where Portman munches on a large field of donuts as convenience meals while under intimate duress – a scene you’ll depend on in just about every film for this genre.The huge difference with “No strings” that is attached the movie is witty and razor- razor- razor- sharp, using the constant hand of manager Ivan Reitman in the helm and strong shows through the leads. Reitman is fresh off creating the six-time Oscar-nominated “Up in the Air,” which their son Jason directed, and it is the manager whom brought us broad comedies like “Ghostbusters” as well as the smartly funny “Legal Eagles.”We satisfy our two enthusiasts at summer time camp. (more…)

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