Let me make it clear about ‘Bumblebee’ review: entirely well well well worth the buzz

Bumblebee unexpectedly but definitively triumphs throughout the entire Transformer series

A Transformer movie is the same as robots smashing one another to pieces as we have noticed in the past five instalments. It is exactly about mayhem and madness with alien devices. The ante on all others it’s earth at peril and one mega battle that ups. A Transformer movie will not channel Disney-esque wholesomeness. It just cannot. It can not perhaps jeopardize (and be successful also) to burst your heart available with feeling. Yet the newest into the series, Bumblebee – the spin-off standalone film of a vital character – gets the audience covered around its massive alien steel pinky hand.

  • Director: Travis Knight
  • Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, John Ortiz, Pamela Adlon, with sounds of Angela Bassett, Justin Theroux, Peter Cullen. (more…)
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