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I will be looking for some advice. Me personally and my LDR gf had been initially together for 7 months, then took a rest for 3, and today our company is straight straight back together. She questioned our status, then claims so I leave her be) which she doesn’t like if we are a couple we should act like one (she is always busy and making plans with friends. But she’dn’t desire to talk some evenings. She’d begin crying, she’s wished to leave the house after which denied it the day that is next we you will need to get her to generally share what’s happening but she won’t. We ask if there’s someone else, she says no. Evidently she doesn’t actually communicate with anybody anymore she would like to be kept alone. But she is loved by me and desire to assist. But she just hardly ever would like to talk, but thinks I should constantly be always attempting to communicate with her even when she wont wish too. I won’t be told by her what’s taking place. But she simply cries in the phone and states she’s fine. Have always been we using the wrong approach? (more…)

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